“Fabulous Narration!!!!!!”

This was a great little read. I found myself really wanting more. Such a colorful book with quirky characters. I adored Lian and Figg, they are quite the pair. Add in supporting characters who are fabulous fun, like Carl!!

The narrative is mixed switching between the two leads POV. It really opens the reader up to what they are thinking and feeling. This insight is great for understanding them and the complex relationship.

The bedroom door is cracked, there is a bit of smexy but if doesn't go all the way with details. Jumps straight to the morning after. Sigh, more is the pity. I bet it was really steamy behind that door!

The overall story flows nicely and is engaging throughout. I found it wrapped up quickly in the end, could have used more story.

Figg is my kind of girl, snarky and gun totting. She is a perfect foil for serious Lian. I really want the rest of this series in audio. Like NOW!!!

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Julie Hoverson, who is freakin awesome!!! She easily creates the atmosphere with her wonderful read. Lian has a delicious Irish accent, which she keeps consistent through the whole book. Her other voices are just as clear and fantastic. You can bet I will be looking for more of her reads!!! Such amazing energy and feeling in the narration.

Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and ratings are my own.

K. April Holgate - Review on Audible

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My first thought when I read the word Zombies was ick as not really into reading Zombie stories. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I was treated to a very entertaining story that includes murder, magic, voodoo rituals, a bit of steamy romance, family disputes and some revelations about the main characters that will leave you with your mouth hanging open. This story is written in alternating points of view as seen through the eyes of Figg and Lian, not my favorite writing style but have to tell you it works great with this tale. Once you sit down and get through a few chapters you do not even notice because you are too interested in what happens next. For a story that is only a little over 100 pages you get a huge experience. Hopefully we will soon be reading more adventures with Figg and Lian and maybe even Carl and Boyd!


Jackie Burris on Voodoo Dues

VooDoo Dues was such a thrill, I loved the characters, setting and the plot was so entertaining and fun I couldn’t get enough. With a spunky shoe loving protagonist along her timid and very knowledgeable boss the duo is a bundle of greatness…
Overall this was a great start to Lian and Figg’s series by Stephany Simmons, I can’t wait to see what crazy paranormal adventure they get mixed up in next. But I have a good feeling were going to see more detective work in the future with them. I highly recommend this novel, with a mix of mystery, romance, magic and paranormal beings.


Kristen @ Seeing Night Reviews on Voodoo Dues

I was really very pleasantly surprised with this book. It was not at all what I expected. It was a fun, light, quick read with quirky characters. I found when I reached the end, I wanted more. That’s rare.
If you are looking for something fast and light, this is the book for you.


Doreen Alba on Voodoo Dues